Tom Nicholas CPA Inc. PS started in 2008 when I had left a corporate position as a general manager with over 150 employees. I had originally been hired as the Chief Financial Officer 13 years earlier and had been through 2 major buyouts. Before starting the CPA Firm I looked at my experiences in my career that I enjoyed and decided that I truly enjoyed the financial side of business and enjoy assisting other people succeed.

I had earned my CPA certificate in 1983 and had worked 7 years in public accounting at an International CPA firm and a large local firm and have worked 20 years in the retail industry as a Chief Financial Officer/General Manager. I teamed up with Frank Chapman who had 50 years experience in the CPA industry, bought his book of business, but had him as a mentor for the next 5 years assisting me in the areas that I had light experience with.

With Frank I was able to take the company from a small book of business to a Company with 2 other employees-Adrienne Alexander who has over 20 years experience in accounting and Leslie Vazquez who is currently attending UW Tacoma full time to earn her accounting degree. I enjoy my work, customers and finding ways to save them taxes and improve their businesses operations.

Major thanks goes to my wife Cara and family for motivating me every year to be a better CPA.